Give your team a better home

Leading a team is hard. Team leads use Outcome as their superpower to clarify ownership, express team identities and eliminate administrative burden around their team.

The Problem

Too much time spent managing around teams

Scattered information

Essential team information lives across a variety of tools, leading to inconsistent information and difficulties in connecting the dots

No real overview

Lack of transparency makes it hard for others to find information on your team, leading to conflicting views on ownership and responsibilities

Administrative burden

Too much IT coordination and manual maintenance of information when your team evolves, leading to outdated information and time wasted

The solution

Explicit and transparent team ecosystem

Place your team on the map

Promote clarity on where your team lives in the organization and make it discoverable by anyone

Clarify ownership

Be explicit about your teams’ mission, members, domain of responsibility, and more

Express your team identity

Empower your team to create its visual identity and share it across the organization

Eliminate administrative tasks

Change manual team admin tasks to automated ones, using integrations to other vital tools within your organization

Our Mission

Enable organizations to become better as they get bigger

A lot of things tend to become worse when organizations grow. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it requires a change in how we operate. Learn more.

Ready to spend more time leading,
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