Outcome awarded $380,000 Vöxtur grant

June 22nd, 2022
Gudrun Fema


We are happy to share that Outcome has been awarded the Vöxtur grant from Tækniþróunarsjóður (the Icelandic Tech Development Fund). The grant amount is 50 million Icelandic kronur, around $380,000, allocated over two years.

This grant, alongside prior angel investments, enables us to expand our team to have the capabilities needed to deliver the first version of the Outcome team platform.

Outcome angel investors include Antoine Merour (Head of Strategy, Intl. Markets at Phillips), Alli Óttarsson (Principal investor at Makers Fund), Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (CEO at CCP Games), and Northstack Capital.

For more information about projects that were awarded a TÞS grant this spring: https://www.rannis.is/frettir/taeknithrounarsjodur/voruthlutun-taeknithrounarsjods-2022

If you are interested about Outcome, you can:

If you think Outcome would be valuable in your organization:

Or reach out to us at hello [at] outcome.io or to me personally at gudrun [at] outcome.io.

Written ByGudrun Fema

Co-founder and Product Lead @ Outcome. Previously, Gudrun was a Principal Product Manager for Tempo and led its product and business transformation to the cloud.


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